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About company the certification center «Gortest»The certification center “Gortest” provides a full complex of services in certification of production and services. We are the accredited agency. Moreover, we have successfully worked at the market of confirmation of quality for more than 10 years. Professionalism comes out of here: the definite answer to any question, the solution of all difficulties arising at certification is an obligatory component of our successful cooperation with you. The large famous companies from the various cities of Russia and the world have already become the clients of our certification center. The status of officially accredited agency allows our certification center carrying out a competent support of all documents issued by us (certificates of conformity, etc.). Once having signed with you the contract we are glad to remain your personal consultants. We constantly support the high quality of service for our clients: if you are dissatisfied with the provided services, please, report about it to the company management (by e-mail vipogodin@gmail.com). We are glad to see you among our partners!

Certification is our task

Specialists of the “Gortest” provide services in registration of the following certificates (certificates of conformity, etc.):

  • the obligatory and voluntary certificates of conformity of GOST R;
  • the declaration of conformity;
  • the certificate of conformity and declaration or Technical Regulations;
  • the certificate of fire safety;
  • the declaration of fire safety;
  • the letter of exemption for trade;
  • the explanation letter of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Standardization;
  • the permission of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision;
  • the EURO certificate;
  • the ISO certificate;
  • the certificate of origin;
  • the conclusion from the radio-frequency center;
  • the license from the Ministry of Trade

and also other permissive documents.

We also execute technical specifications.

Certification of production and services is a procedure of confirmation of compliance by means of which the organization independent of the manufacturer (the seller, the performer) and the consumer (buyer) certifies in writing (the certificate of conformity, etc.) that production and service conform to the established requirements. The obligatory and voluntary certificates of conformity of GOST R confirms safety of production on the main indicators which register in state standards (GOST R), the international standards (state standard specifications), technical specifications and other technical regulations. The inventories being the subject of obligatory certification and declaring can be easily found in the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 1, 2009 No. 982 “About the approval of the unified inventory of production which is subject to obligatory certification, and the unified inventory of production which confirmation of compliance is carried out in the form of adoption of the declaration of conformity”. It replaced operating earlier “The product range, subject obligatory certification”. Thus the certificate of conformity on the form of yellow light, or the declaration of conformity is issued. The certificates of conformity are issued by accredited in system of the Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology agencies, in particular, by the “GORTEST”. The basis for issue of the certificate of conformity of GOST R, as a rule, is a protocol made by results of tests in accredited laboratory. The Hygiene Certificate — a document confirming compliance with statutory requirements, hygienic and sanitary regulations (GN and SanPin) was annulled from July 1, 2010. The document that came to replace the Hygiene Certificate is called the certificate on the state registration. The certificate of fire safety (the fire certificate) is the document which confirms that production meets requirements (standards) of fire safety. The list of production being a subject of obligatory certification in the field of fire safety is developed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and stated in the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 17, 2009 No. 241. Procedure of carrying out certification of fire safety is one of the most difficult. Its cost is also rather high. The term of certification is not less than 2 weeks. The letter of exemption is the document which is given by an agency of certification, reporting that production is not included into “The unified inventory of production which is subject of obligatory certification”, i.e. it isn’t subject to obligatory certification. It is possible to include some positions, the main thing that one legal entity was the holder of the letter in one letter of exemption. The period of validity of the letter of exemption doesn’t exceed one year, but agencies of certification can issue letters for a shorter term, and also without specifying the validity period. To receive the certificate of conformity, the certificate of fire safety, the certificate on the state registration, EURO certificate, the certificate of origin and other permissive documents you should contact an agency of certification which has the accreditation granting the right to implementation of this procedure. The cost of carrying out this procedure and documents necessary for this purpose directly depends on the scheme of the certification applied to this production. Specialists of the certification center “Gortest” will choose an optimum option for your production so that procedure will take as little time and material expenses as possible.

How is certification regulated?

Certification procedure is a strictly regulated activity. First of all it is the Federal law “On technical regulation” of 27.12.2002 No. 184. It is the basic law about certification of production and services. According to the law the central agency of certification is the Agency for Technical Regulation of Russia, or the State committee of the Russian Federation of standardization, metrology and certification. Besides, certification is regulated by the Rules of carrying out established by the Agency for Technical Regulation and other agencies. Rules of carrying out certification establish the purposes, the principles, the general rules and recommendations about carrying out certification in Russia. Rules are based on the laws of the Russian Federation “About protection of the consumer’s rights”, “About certification of production and services” and other regulations.

Certification: who participates in it?

Besides the Agency for Technical Regulation the participants of the certifying process are:

  • governmental agencies;
  • the organizations which create certification system;
  • test laboratories;
  • the central agencies of certification systems which are defined in necessary cases for the organization and coordination of works in systems of production certification;
  • manufacturers (sellers) and consumers (representatives of societies on protection of the rights of consumers can be attracted).

According to certification rules, procedure of obtaining the certificate of conformity of GOST R or Technical Regulations includes a number of stages:

  • Submission of the application.
  • Sampling, sample identification and testing. Test reports submitted to the applicant and to the certification agency, storage corresponds to the term of the certificate of conformity.
  • Evaluation of production (if it’s provided by the certification scheme).
  • Issuance of the certificate of conformity.
  • Inspection control of the certified products.

Where can you obtain the certificate of conformity? The simplest and convenient anwer is the certification center “Gortest”. Our experts will answer all questions connected with registration of certificates of conformity, etc. Our certification center works with a large number of agencies on certification that gives the chance to make out certificates quickly and on conditions convenient for the customer. The courier service works. Discounts and payment installments for our regular customers are offered. Order the certificate right now.

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